Maldivian Queen


The Maldivian Queen is a Luxury yacht that sails the many beautiful Maldivian Islands. The yacht is designed to provide 360 degree views of the breathtaking scenery. The Queen combines Luxury with the best water-sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and jet-skiing. You can experience total relaxation with our on-board masseuse or engage in some exciting deep sea fishing and finish off the day with a nice beach-side Barbeque for dinner.

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Maldives is an archipelago of 1190 small coral islands with seemingly endless ocean and spectacular sea-life.

The waters of Maldivian Atolls are among the best in the world. 


  • Incredibly luxurious Cabins and Suites
  • Picturesque Views
  • Chefs with wide range of Culinary skills
  • Perfect On-board service
  • Lounge and Dining Areas
  • Beachside Barbeques'
  • Onboard Spa


Picture perfect. Enjoy the Sunny days, Breezy Nights, Balmy mornings and Unbelievable Sunsets. 

The yacht is designed to provide 360 degree views of the breathtaking scenery. 

Combining Ultimate Luxury with the best water-sports. Total relaxation and adrenaline pumping action. There is something for everyone. 


  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Jet Skis
  • Motor Yachting

And the most fun of all - Just dive in to the ocean from the Yacht!!
If you are of a mind to just relax, then hit the SPA on board.
Enjoy the beachside Barbeque.



Dotted over the oceans of the world are millions of islands. Among them, the 1190 small coral islands of the Maldivian archipelago are globally recognized for its seemingly endless ocean abundant with spectacular sea life. Early mariner and seafarers were marveled by the Maldives. Hence a great yacht would definitely be the best way to experience Maldives, for which purpose, The Maldivian Queen was born.

If you’re looking to visit the world’s finest diving, cruising, relaxing or partying destination, the Maldives is the obvious destination and the Queen is the obvious yacht for your dream holiday! The Maldivian Queen, is waiting to accommodate you for a trip of a life time. The Maldivian Queen, was designed by fitting together lots of pieces of unique ideas together similar to a mosaic, to create this unique mega yacht cruiser of 41m in length and 10m in width.

So what makes this particular dream cruiser different from all the other yachts in the Maldives?

The Maldivian Queen offers on-the-water escapism at its best. The new concept and the design provides a fresh feel to an old passage. The yacht is designed to enjoy the 360 degree view of the breath taking scenery which definitely complements the beauty of the Maldives. Apart from the Dive Center and water sports, private balconies and outdoor baths are unique to the Maldivian Queen. It is environmentally friendly and very quiet. The large sun deck with a Jacuzzi for 8 people is a perfect day spot, and at night, again a perfect spot to gaze at the cluster of stars that shine.

Diving in Maldivian Queen

The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean and stretch 900 kilometers from north to south. They are made up of over 1200 tiny, low-lying coral islands surrounded by white sand in 26 atolls. Although the Maldives are known the world over for the stunning beaches and azure waters, its life beneath the water’s surface is becoming ever more respected by divers. The islands are some distance from land, which means there is an abundance of marine life. The Maldives Islands have some excellent coral reefs and the best diving is found inside and outside the atolls’ lagoons and in the channels. Night dives are a must as the reefs become highly active, with predators on the prowl.

Below are the three standard diving courses available on board.

Discovery Dive

Discovery Dive is for the beginners who would like to try diving for the first time to test how it’s like to breathe underwater and are not ready to join a course.

Open Water Dive

If you’re interested in Scuba diving, to discover the world of sea beneath the waves, get your first PADI certification cause this is where the adventure begins.

Advance open water

Advanced open water diver course helps you to boost your confidence and build your scuba skills with the help of PADI instructor, which will make you more comfortable in water.

The Maldivian Queen offers diving instructors on board and your Kir & Caviar consultant will help you customise the diving experience according to your specifications.


The Queen Spa is one of the most unique Spa’s around that you may find. You may either choose to have your treatment either in the beautiful Spa room on board or in the open private deck or even more uniquely have yourself lying down on a beach of a virgin island with the soothing sounds of the waves breaking to the beach or with the singing of the birds. 

The following are a variety of massages that you may choose from 

Signature Massage 

Based on the combination of Malay, Swedish and Shiatsu massage techniques to heal and strengthen the body and mind, improve blood circulation and create a feeling of well-being.

Maldivian Massage

This massage has been passed through generations, usually from mothers to daughters to care for family well-being. Combining a long rhythmic strokes and deep pressure on body meridian and stress points to alleviate muscle aches and banish all the tensions away using a secret blend of indigenous herbs of the land.

Balinese Massage

Bali – some call it heaven on earth with its panoramic beaches, stunning women and countless temples that praise the gods who blessed this exquisite island. We give you a bit of Bali with this massage using traditional Balinese methods to work on muscles and nerve pathways to encourage blood circulation and reduce stress.

Relaxing Foot Spa

For thousands of years, the Chinese have practiced acupressure – finger-point pressure that stimulates reflex zones in the feet, which are systematically linked to all parts of the body. This almost magical touch unclogs energy flow, promoting oxygenation of tissues and the removal of toxins. 

Maldivian Queen

Maldivian Queen

Maldivian Queen

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