Bali Explorer


The Bali Explorer is a 40 meter Yacht that brings together traditional Phinisi design and 21st century technology. A unique luxury owner’s yacht, it was finished in tropical hardwoods by Bali’s finest cabinetmakers who spent more than 200,000 man-hours on the final fit-out. 

The Bali Explorer Experience offers you a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating Indonesian archipelago – and beyond, to Thailand, Burma and the Andamans – in luxury and total privacy, far from the crowded marinas and tourist beaches of the standard Asian cruising destinations.

The owner, who happens to be a classic Yachting enthusiast and avid diver recommends Komodo and Raja Ampat as "some of the most spectacular diving spots in the world" 

  • Indonesia
  • Bali
INR 600000



  • Master en-suite with dressing room and private terrace (32+8+10 sq.m.)
  • 4 Guest cabins en-suite (18 sq.m.)
  • Nanny cabin en-suite (10 sq.m.)
  • Open deck with dining and lounge area
  • Promenade deck
  • Sun deck, Forward sun deck
  • Large lounge area on bowsprit
  • Private terrace - master cabin 

Yacht Specifications

  • Registry - Indonesia
  • Style - Traditional Gaff-Rigged Phinisi.
  • Sailing - Custom-designed steel masts and gaffs for safe, efficient sailing.
  • Size - Length 40 meters, Beam 8 meters, Draft 2,7 meters
  • Cruising speed - 9 knots
  • Engine - 10-Cylinder Nissan Diesel Turbo
  • Passengers - maximum of 12 guests for extended cruising
  • Special events and day cruising: 60-100 guests


  • Internet: High speed, broad-band satellite internet available
  • Entertainment: DVD, TV, Stereo sound, Library
  • Cuisine: International with Asian Flair
  • Watersports: Sea kayaks, wakeboard, bodyboard, fishing equipment
  • Diving: Compressor, aluminum dive tanks, full dive equipment, snorkeling gear, wet suits, NITROX


  • Diving, Snorkeling
  • Water Ski, Wake Board
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Banana Boats, Towed Rings
  • Hiking, Trekking, Volcano Climbing
  • Picnics & Barbeques 


Other Specifications

Tenders                     5,5m rigid inflatable, 6m Fibreglass, 3m rigid inflatable
Crew                          12 crew + Western Expedition leader, PADI dive guide (Russian speaking guide/dive-master available)
Communications     Satellite phone (e-mail capable), SSB, VHF, WiFi, GPRS signal amplifiers 
Navigation                Radar Furuno navigation with GPS, Colour Sounders, GPS, Compass RayMarine, C-map ChartNav. Back-up GPS plotter: Simrad)
Safety equipment    2 life rafts (20 people each), 100 adult and 20 infant life jackets, flares, positioning systems


Why Charter in Asia – is it really better than the Mediterranean/Caribbean?

It all depends on what you are looking for.

If you crave the night-life of St. Tropez, or sipping cocktails on the fantail in Monaco while the tourists ogle you, then Asia is probably not your best choice! On the other hand, if you want magnificent nature, kilometres of pristine beaches for you and your family with no one else for miles around – exotic wildlife, forests and volcanoes, then the Southern night skies aglow with stars, Indonesia is the place.

No crowded harbours, no loud music and bright lights, those who have not yet sailed Asia can look forward to an unforgettable experience of nature and the sea. Schools of dolphins, the occasional whale, giant mantas dancing at night in the light of the spreaders, bountiful seafood served fresh every day. Quite a change from the harbour at St. Tropez!

As an additional bonus, unlike the Atlantic or even the Mediterranean where unseasonable bad weather can interfere with even the best-laid plans, the weather in Indonesia tends to be very predictable – we can almost guarantee calm seas and sunshine.


We will be concentrating on our home base of Indonesia – which offers quiet anchorages, pristine nature and beaches, superb snorkeling/diving on some of the world’s greatest coral reefs, as well as islands, forests, volcanoes. But especially – our cruising grounds are totally uncrowded, with none of the tourist day boats which render the islands of the Gulf of Thailand rather less appealing.

While the coral reefs of Thailand and Burma have suffered extensive damage due to coral bleaching, the reefs of Indonesia have been almost entirely preserved thanks to the cooler oceanic currents. The Indonesian authorities are making a major effort to preserve their marine resources, and In Raja Ampat, just looking down over the side of the dinghy, you will see an explosion of marine life which is now rarely witnessed anywhere – at least, outside of the old Cousteau movies.


Children Aboard The Explorer

While everyone has a great time aboard the yacht, our youngest charter guests (aged from 18 months to 16 years) have the best time of all - an unforgettable adventure cruising aboard a great pirate ship!

Most of our charters have been by families – far from the usual distractions of the city, they have enjoyed some real quality time and shared activities together.

Our Indonesian crew loves kids, and the most intrepid are quickly adopted by our staff. There is no end of activities, from learning how a ship operates, to kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, picnics on the beach, exploring desert islands, or viewing the Komodo Dragons – an unparalleled introduction to nature and the seas.

We have water-skis, donut-rings, and banana floats to tow. Depending upon ages, we can organize activities in quiet bays, gently sloping beaches, and very easy snorkelling spots.

Of course, all children, especially toddlers must be supervised on-board. If desired, we can provide Balinese nannies.

Health and rejuvenation aboard the Explorer

Your trip aboard our yacht will most likely be the healthiest period of your year!

We can offer endless snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, diving and hiking. Depending upon your preferences, our cook will serve meals based on fish, seafood and light meats, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and without refined carbohydrates and sugars (other diets – from vegetarian to Mediterranean to European can, of course, be catered to,)

(Note from the owner: each time I come aboard, after a couple of weeks eating fresh fish, tropical fruit and vegetables, low-carbs, and no alcohol – with half the day spent in the water - swimming and snorkelling and kayaking, I always come back feeling ten years younger…and a few kilos lighter!)



Indonesia is one of the world’s top scuba-diving destinations, and our cruise director has led hundreds of diving expeditions around Asia. From easy sites for families and beginners, to the more challenging high-current dives of Castle Rock and Batu-Bolong, we can tailor the itinerary to your tastes and level of experience. Nitrox can be supplied upon request.

With two high-speed Hyperlion launches, our Yacht is fully equipped for scuba and snorkelling. Tanks, weights and air-fills are included in the base charter rate, and although most divers will prefer to bring their own gear, we can provide a limited quantity of rental equipment.

Those who have not yet tried diving will probably find it far easier than they had imagined. If you are comfortable in the water, after a few days you will be diving like a dolphin. Our advice would be to do an introductory course in your home country, then come dive some of the world’s richest seas.

Snorkelling and Water Sports

Some of the best “dives” of my life have been with only a mask and snorkel – indeed, the snorkelling in Raja Ampat is better than 98% of the scuba dives almost anywhere else! Play with the giant mantas, drift over the coral reefs, swim through schools of sardines as the groupers and tunas feed – there is no need to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the rich and varied marine life of the tropical seas.

For those who prefer to move a bit faster, we have water skis and wake-boards, as well as banana-boats and towed rings for the kids.

Hiking, trekking and volcano climbing

From the easy walk around Komodo Island to view the evil Komodo Dragons – the world’s largest land reptile which has reigned over his islands for 150 million years, to more challenging treks up volcanoes or into the Papuan rain forest, we will be delighted to organize land excursions, including to local fishing villages, pearl-farms, and caves; those inclined to take a relaxed view of life will enjoy the picnics and barbeques we can organize on desert island beaches.


Aboard the yacht, we provide our clients the true final price of the charter, including taxes, fees, and fuel – with as few supplements as possible.Taxes and hidden surcharges can otherwise increase true charter costs by as much as 35%. Therefore, our quoted prices include all taxes, park fees, meals, scuba diving, soft drinks and beer, water sports, trekking, etc., as well as plenty of cruising – up to 50 nautical miles per day.

When accepting reservations, our agreed price is the final price and we do not apply a variable fuel surcharge.

The only supplements are for use of personal diving equipment (i.e. b/c, regulator and computers - most divers bring their own), and, of course alcoholic beverages (clients are welcome to bring their own aboard – we do not charge corkage fees), as well as any internal flights to/from your ports of embarkation/disembarkation. A crew tip for good service is customary, but is entirely at the discretion of the charter.

Bali Explorer

Bali Explorer

Bali Explorer

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